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Looking for cost effective advertising? Contact Us today!

Traditional advertising is expensive & losing effectiveness. Today, people are less likely to trust ads on TV, radio, or in print. 

What do they trust? Referrals from people they know.

Amplify word-of-mouth referrals with the power of “word-of-mouse” - get more qualified leads & increase conversion when customers refer their friends!

No time for social media?

Despite the proven effectiveness of social media as an advertising tool, most small businesses lack the time and expertise to manage social media campaigns.

When you hire The Coudrain Group, you get:

  • Social media expertise—we keep up with the changes and trends so you don’t have to.
  • Content strategy—we will create a customized plan for your business that includes a calendar of posts to maximize your visibility & effectiveness.
  • Content calls—we will schedule monthly content calls to discuss current happenings in your business—we will ask about upcoming events, special offers, and other news to incorporate in your posts for the month.
  • Hands-free social media that runs without you. We will only ask once a month for special content; we take care of the rest. We create & schedule relevant, strategic posts to engage your audience & grow your customer base.

Get back to what you do best & let us handle your business social media for a fraction of the cost of training yourself or an employee on constantly changing best practices. Partner with us to maximize your social media efforts while minimizing the investment of your time in social media. We think it’s a win-win! Contact Us today!


Be the talk of the town with a social media makeover by the coudrain group word of mouse monthly packages